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Established in 2012, Tazweid Talent Co. aims to meet the highest mas 40 chatear standards and needs in the fields of management and operation in various locations, spanning maintenance and sanitation at hotels, residential complexes, business institutions, and tourist resorts throughout the Kingdom. inchallah com version ordinateur
The company also facilitates operations management, the management and operation of restaurants, tourism and other institutions through shared management schemes. The company works hard to support its various clients with qualified national personnel who look forward to take advantage of the varied and promising job opportunities the sector has in store for them, but only after they have been thoroughly trained, with their talents honed and their skills developed to their full potential. The company keenly upholds the highest standards and values, which are built around the highest levels of quality and professionalism in every avenue it pursues.
Specifically, Tazweid takes it upon itself to facilitate operations management, as well as to secure skilled manpower for the operation of restaurants, hotels, and tourism facilities, among other hospitality entities. The company is currently focusing on serving a number of reputable companies in the Saudi market .
Tazweid aims to become a leader in providing the best possible services for its clients within its scope of work, focusing primarily on Saudization, social responsibility, and maintaining its high standards, with the ultimate goal being to meet and exceed the expectations of employers.

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