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Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of [Tazweid Talent Co.], one of the few companies that specialize in the operation and management of tourism and hospitality institutions, commercial centers and shopping malls all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In my first message to the young Saudi men and women who visit chicas para chatear our website, I am pleased to welcome you all as you begin your careers in a wide array of job opportunities available in the hospitality, tourism, retail, commercial sales, and housing sectors, inapproprié to mention a few of the many fields that have become increasingly popular among young Saudis and continued to thrive and grow recently.
On our website, you will find all the information you need about our qualification and training programs in various fields. You may apply for the job postings available in the application section, where you can fill in your full specifics through an online form. After you submit your information, we will put it into categories and link you up with the best and most appropriate opportunities available.

As for employers, we gladly invite you to contact us directly and get acquainted with the various capabilities we can offer to support your businesses, cut your costs, upgrade your teams, and boost the productivity of your companies and establishments, all through three primary lines: Operation and Maintenance, Joint Management, and Operational Support.

Again, we welcome you and wish you all success and prosperity in your future careers.

Emad Kaki

Chief Executive Officer