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Whatever your facility’s needs may be, we are capable of providing any and all the services that you need with the latest and best methods, and meet all the requirements of your operations through our vast, comprehensive base of qualified manpower, which covers four basic scopes:
• Maintenance and operation solutions
• Joint management solutions
• Operations and maintenance support solutions
• Catering and food services


Operation and maintenance of facilities:

No matter what line of business you’re in, your facility or facilities will need a team of highly trained, deeply experienced people who can manage your operations in ways that ensure that your objectives are met.
And this is where we come in. Tazweid has the capability to provide various institutions and corporations with complete working teams of qualified individuals who can take these businesses to the next level in various aspects, and especially in the field of the sanitation and maintenance of commercial and residential facilities.


Joint management:

Many of the Kingdom’s institutions seek reliable, trustworthy partners that can provide intelligent, highly qualified, and deeply experienced personnel who can dependably and confidently partake in conducting their business. Let us supplement your business with distinguished manpower in various managerial disciplines through the joint management method, so we can take your business to the next level of leadership and excellence.


Operational support solutions:

We can provide businesses with quality support teams that operate under their management, to which they assign maintenance and sanitation operations in accordance with the requirements of the management of these businesses, and based on their own working plans and future visions. The operational support solutions that we offer can enable our clients to effectively create ties and balance between the requirements of their management and those of marketing and clients.


Catering and food services:

Tazweid enjoys a solid reputation for reliability and integrity. The company currently manages and operates a number of restaurants throughout the Kingdom’s cities, either employing our own personnel or in partnership with a given restaurant’s management body, to ensure that their operational requirements are met and guarantee their success and prosperity.
In the coming period, Tazweid aims to launch its various high-quality food and catering services, rounding out the sectors it intends to get involved in.